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SFV Acid

'The Dwell' LP available now on UNO NYC

Track Listing:

1. Dwell Master Infinite

2. Misto

3. PT Sex

4. Devonshire Dwell: New Graceland

5. Mocha

6. 2PART

7. Kludes

8. Mecca_Bucks

9. Money

10. Fresh and Easy

11. Chronicled In C:affeine Headache

12. Sha Day

13. Dwell on 2

14. T.E.M.P gun

Listen to “Misto” via Pitchfork

Watch 'AS IS (Parts I & II)' video via Dazed Digital

BIO: The Dwell is San Fernando Valley artist SFV Acid's debut full length. Since releasing on 100% Silk, PPM and innumerable home-burned CDs shipped direct to Japan, SFV released Neighborhood Archives EP with UNO in late 2013, and follow-up The Dwell continues his meandering toward an exceedingly human sounding, gritty world of Acid.

Also known as Zane Reynolds, SFV wrote The Dwell entirely at Starbucks restaurants/cafe/shops (one Starbucks in particular?) on analog gear, seated maniacally at a table. In the words of label owner Charles Damga, 'The Dwell' represents the ultimate comfort zone, a whoopee cushion of an idea, to go in there and make a body of work.

A self described "techie geek," Zane produced the record at home between gallery shows of his visual art, day job working sound at LA museum The Hammer and driving around in a PT Cruiser.

Steeped in blue collar luxury, the album artwork drew from The Dwell environment and Zane's pen & ink illustration career, developing a photoshop universe from his twisted perspective.

Beyond a concept record, on a larger scale, SFV Acid is making house music between the lines. Telling the story of the small town economy rather than classically urban techno struggle in the metropolis, The Dwell soundtracks the business parks, strip malls and diner burgers. Zane's composing for the city bus romance or public bathroom break, rather than exclusive rave. Combining the ghosts of those voices, SFV manifests an atmosphere around a hammering analog backbone, straddling the line between quantization and improvisation, clowning down the tracks. Dancier moments recall the Grown parties Reynolds threw with Total Freedom years back, breaking through hard 80s restricted minimalism with personality. The results manifest a dream scene of daily beauty, a suburban bermuda triangle, dead zone in Reseda.

All along answering the question "how do you make the dumbest thing the best thing"


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