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Tomas Barfod

'Glory' LP
Whomadewho drummer Tomas Barfod’s returns to FoF with ‘Glory’, featuring friends new and old and a sound bristling with youthful energy and slightly off-kilter dance floor rhythms. Kill J, Fine and Nina K feature as the record bounces from shimmering Scandinavian pop to deep, driving dance floor numbers, bringing the listener into Barfod’s inner sanctum as much as it makes your hips swing. A functional follow up to Barfod’s breakout ‘Salton Sea’ LP (FoF 2012), it’s a pleasure to welcome this Danish standout back into the Friends of Friends family.

'November Skies' EP -  Available now on Friends of Friends

1. November Skies ft. Nina Kinert
2. Nite Jewel Remix
3. Sepalcure Remix
4. Jerome LOL Remix
5. Touchy Mob Dub Remix
6. Sekuoia Remix
7. Carnage Remix*
8. Touchy Mob Remix*
9. Golden Touch Remix*
*Bonus Tracks


'Salton Sea' LP  - Available Now on Friends of Friends

1. D.S.O.Y
2. Broken Glass feat. Jeppe Kjellberg
3. Came To Party
4. Till We Die feat. Nina Kinert
5. Ecstesizing
6. Don't Understand feat. Jeppe Kjellberg
7. Baxter St.
8. November Skies feat. Nina Kinert
9. Aether
10. Nighthawke feat. Lydia Ainsworth 11. Python 1
2. Only Human feat. CHLLNGR**Digital Only

'Came to Party' EP

Churning with a big room pulse primed for the dance- floor, Tomas Barfod unveils the 'Came To Party' 12", the follow-up to his 'Salton Sea' LP on Friends of Friends. Featuring "Came To Party" and the previously unreleased Barfod track "Hyperion", the 12" comes equipped with a slowburner remix from Mark E (Spectral Sound / Merc), a future funk rework by Salva (FoF / Frite Nite), and a serene poolside sprawl by Suzanne Kraft (Young Adults / Running Back).  'Came To Party' is already receiving support from Digitalism, Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space, and Brooklyn's Wurst label.


1. Came To Party
2. Hyperion
3. Came To Party (Salva Remix)
4. Came To Party (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
5. Came To Party (Mark E Remix)


Tomas Barfod is fascinated with the idyllic wasteland, unveiling 'Salton Sea', an LP on the Friends of Friends imprint that draws from the concept of urban decay. The producer and drummer of the popular Danish group WhoMadeWho, with a history of solo and collaborative releases for Get Physical, Turbo, Gomma, and Kompakt, Barfod's latest full-length balances contrasts. At times bright with delicate pop melodies, 'Salton Sea' boldly submerges into dark, morose rhythms, juxtaposing the graceful and desolate characteristics of the Californian lakebed the album shares its name with.  Opener "D.S.O.Y." wastes no time jumping out the gates with fervent energy and upbeat animation. After the LP's first single, "Broken Glass", "Came To Party" marks the height of the night, reaching a tipping point with big room dynamics. As the album continues its flow, the somber pop of "Till We Die" dwells in the late-night afterglow, while "November Skies" picks up the pieces to soar in an airy melody with vocals from Sweden's Nina Kinert. The frenetic, sinister Moroder disquietude of "Nighthawke", which features vocals from New York film Composer Lydia Ainsworth, and guttural pulse of "Python" provide tense codas to 'Salton Sea'.  Either spatial and seductive or frightening and macabre, 'Salton Sea' engages multiple moods, jarring the listener and bringing them deeper into its shadowy pop. With remixes from Mark E, M.A.N.D.Y., Shlohmo, Salva, Kasper Bjørke, Suzanne Kraft and more, 'Salton Sea' looks to be one of the premiere electronic releases of 2012.


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